The Process of Fitting a Rotationplasty Prosthetic

 Measurement – Building the prosthesis requires exact measurements for height, weight, and knee alignment.  Equally important for function and aesthetics is the measurement of the residual limb foot extension.  Desired extension is zero degree or better. 







 Casting – The prosthetist captures a model of the residual limb by creating a mold through casting.  The molded cast combined with the measurement serves as the blueprint for the building of a housing for the residual limb’s foot. 






 Prosthetic Creation – The prosthetist creates the prosthesis.









 Prosthetic Creation – The prosthetist creates the prosthesis.









 Attachment – The prosthetic foot, ankle, support bars, and velcro straps are attached to the housing. 









 The Finished Product – The patient works with the prosthetist to determine fit, comfort, and function.  Communication between the patient and prosthetic maker are key to a successful prosthesis.